From our Customer, Kim

I was recommended by a good friend of mine to use MediCenter. She said they were very fast at filling prescriptions and pricing medications that I could afford. They would even call my doctor to change my medication if I had any concerns with it....Well all is true, I'm glad I tried them. The girls are very friendly and seem to be concerned about my health needs. Thank you MediCenter for serving me with all my medical needs.

- Kim

From our Customer, Pura

My first experience with MediCenter was a couple of years back, when my doctor prescribed a compounded medication. I was informed that MediCenter was the only pharmacy in the area that made and distributed these. Once I began to use the cream, the results were immediate and much more than I hoped for. About six months ago, I started seeing that the results were not the same, as my condition had worsened. Dana suggest that I speak with my doctor as there were stronger compounds available. I did,, which in turn, my doctor confirmed with MediCenter and then advised me that he could prescribe a different compound. The new compound has been excellent! I am so grateful for my wonderful staff at MediCenter and the excellent job they provide, as well as excellent customer service!

- Pura

From our Customer, Sandy

MediCenter Pharmacy is a very friendly place of business. The ladies working there treat you like you are a friend rather than a customer. They are very prompt with filling my prescriptions and understand my insurance information. I highly recommend them to all my co-workers, family and friends. Thank you MediCenter friends!

- Sandy

From our Customer, Bobbi

"They are always nice and very helpful. I have a fun time coming here even if I am sick. They are fast with getting my meds to me."

- Bobbi

From our Customer, Marilyn

"I have words about the Pharmacy I would like to have known.

1. The employees are always courteous and helpful with knowledge about what our drugs are for and how they interact with other drugs we take.

2. They recently helped us with information on our part "D" drug plans and gave us a list of plans different from last year's Med D plan as we were unhappy with it.

3. My husband always jokes and teases them all and that makes us feel like we have a personal relationship with them.

4.We are very satisfied with their service."

- Marilyn