Discount Products

My MediCenter Savings Club

We care about every aspect of your health and wellness and we are dedicated to providing everyone with the finest pharmacy care available. See the full list of discounted generics below. By signing up for the My MediCenter Club you are able to receive discounted medications, which include branded and generic drugs.

Minimize your pharmacy expenses

  • $4 generics for 30 day supply
  • $10 generics for 90 day supply
  • Free daily multi-vitamins for children and adults
  • Discounted Diabetic Testing Supplies, approximately 50% savings.
  • Savings on medications not covered by insurance
  • Great savings on all pet medications prescribed by a veterinarian

My MediCenter Club Enrollment Form
$4 Medication List

Coupons & Copay Cards

Our job is to provide patients with access to their medications at the lowest cost available.  That is why we take advantage of co-pay cards from manufacturers and search for savings opportunities.  If you have a question on your medication and the cost, please reach out to us, we are happy to research all available options.   

Diabetic Testing Supplies

MediCenter offers discounted diabetic testing supplies for patients required to test their blood sugar daily. A package deal is offered for your first month’s supply which includes our Embrace Talking Meter, test strips, lancets, control solution and lancing pen. Call today to find out how much our Embrace testing supplies will cost you based off your monthly testing needs!