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MediCenter Pharmacy truly is the CENTER for all your family’s healthcare needs. We are proud to offer the following services...


MediCenter Pharmacy now offers compounding services!  Our pharmacists and technicians specialize in meeting the unique needs of our patients.  Compounding pharmacies are highly specialized discipline requiring training, dedication, creativitiy and a solid knowledge of treatment options.  Our compounding pharmacists can suggest alternative methods of dosing options for a variety of specialties including:

  • veterinary compounding
  • pediatric compounding
  • hormone replacement therapy
  • Topical Pain Management
  • And many other compounding options.

Contact MediCenter Pharmacy to speak with one of our experienced compounding pharmacists.  

Med Easy

At MediCenter Pharmacy, we believe your time is valuable.  We also understand the importance of proper medication compliance.  For these reasons, we have introduced our Med Easy Program.  Under this program, we work with your doctors to organize all of your medication refills, your vitamins, and your supplements to be filled at the same time each month.  Imagine having all of your medications refilled on the same day each month, our staff checking to make sure you have refills before you come in, and you making only one trip to the pharmacy each month.  In most cases we can even line up the whole family’s to be all filled the same day.  Stop in and ask Angie or Tina how we can organize your medications today.

Diabetic Shoes/Supplies

25.8 million People in the United States or 8.3% of the U.S. population have diabetes.  60%-70% of diabetics have mild to severe forms of nervous system damage resulting in impaired sensation in the feet.  These severe forms of diabetic nerve diseases are a major contributing factor to lower extremity amputations.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, (CDC), comprehensive foot care programs can reduce diabetic foot amputations between 45-85%.  Properly fit custom shoes from MediCenter Pharmacy can drastically reduce, and even eliminate the pain and pressure that comes from diabetes.  In many cases Medicare will cover diabetic shoes and inserts.  Stop in and talk with Sam, our diabetic shoe fitter and see how we can help you today!!


MediKids Child Wellness Club- Free Vitamin Program & Free Oral Suspension Antibiotics**

Keeping kids healthier and happier, throughout their lives.

At MediCenter Pharmacy, we're dedicated to caring for the health and well being of the entire family, especially children.  That's why we've introduced the MediKids Club, a total wellness program for children birth to 12.

The club comes with a variety of benefits including:

  • Free Vitamin Program
  • Free Liquid Antibiotics*
  • Free Kids Get Well Pack
  • Special Promotions & Discounts
  • Health & Wellness Tips

** Some restrictions apply.  Visit MediCenter Pharmacy for details about free liquid antibiotics or see the full list of available antibiotics under Store Flyers on the webpage


At MediCenter Pharmacy, we believe in the daily commitment to the health of you and your family.  One way we help with this is by offering different vaccinations and immunizations.  Both Tina and Jennifer have been certified to perform the following…

  • Influenza for Flu                     
  • Zostavax for Shingles
  • Pneumovax for Pneumonia
  • Menactra for Meningitis

Why not let the same people you trust with your mediations help keep you and your family healthy year around with our vaccinations and immunizations.

On-Site Flu Shot Clinics

Each year employers lose productivity and money because of employees being absent due to having the flu.  Let us help you keep your employees healthy by us conducting an on-site flu clinic.  We will perform the immunizations at the business with very minimal work interruptions.  Contact Casey for more information at 573.243.1303 or

Convenience Options/ Prescription Notifications

Take advantage of our many convenience options for receiving your prescriptions.  Use our drive thru service, our mail-out service, or we will even bring your medications to your home or work in Jackson. 

We can also send a text or email when your prescriptions are ready to be picked up.  Ask us how.

Unit Dose Packaging

Do you or a loved one have a hard time remembering to take your medications?  We can help!!  Let us package your medications in a unit dose package to help you tell if you took your pills yet today.  The packages are labeled by numbers that correspond with the day of the month.  Ask any of our staff for more detail. 

RX2GO Mobile Application

As the world of technology grows around us, we at MediCenter Pharmacy strive to keep pace in order to simply your life. We started out with our online refill page that allowed you to refill your prescriptions from anywhere you could find a computer and internet access. 

Now that technology has hit the mobile world, we at MediCenter are making the transistion to handle the influx of information coming in from our on-the-go world. That is why we are proud to announce the Rx2Go mobile application. This app is compatible with Iphone, Ipad, and Android OS's.

Simply search for Rx2Go application on your mobile device. Download and install the FREE app. After you open Rx2Go, click on the pharmacies tab located at the bottom of the page and click the Find Pharmacy button which will bring up a list of independent pharmacies near you. Select Klein's MediCenter Pharmacy and then click "Save as Favorite". Finally, return to the Refill Rx tab and enter your information into the boxes and select Pickup, Delivery, or Mail option and submit your refills!

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